Finally a cage that is

  1. light weight
  2. easy to clean
  3. water resistant
  4. inexpensive to ship
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Here at, we have been using and building plastic caging since 1983. Up until now, we have done only custom work, but with this new design and the new materials available today,  we are now able to offer our cages to the general public at a reasonable price.  In the past, our policy has been to build no orders under 5 units and they had to be picked up at our facility.  Now we are able to ship single units at a reasonable price to everyone.  The cages are made of high impact plastic with acrylic doors.  The material is impact resistant, lightweight, and very easy to clean.

We are phelsuma breeders and we needed a cage that could withstand water and high humidity.  We started with glass aquariums but they were heavy and the top opening did not work well with wall climbing geckos.  Next, we tried plywood cages sealed with polyurethane, but after a few months the sealer started to come off.   Then we tried melamine, taking great care in sealing the edges, but in time the surface started to bubble up not to mention the heavy weight of the units.  The wood cages could not stand up to the moisture and the aquariums were not practical.  We then began to make our caging out of acrylic.  This solved all the problems concerning water and accessibility.  They have worked great for us for more than 10 years.  Though they cost a little more, we do not have to replace cages every 2 years.  People have also found other uses for the lizard units:  chondros, brazilians, emeralds, any type of reptiles.  So, if you are looking for caging that is lightweight, durable, and pleasing to the eye, these cages are for you.