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Waterbowl holder/ 
Hide box
This water bowl holder/hide box holds disposable 8 ounce deli cups securely so they cannot be tipped over.  It also provides a great hide are for your snakes or lizards.  (Deli cup not included) 

Approx. size   11" x 7"

$5.00 each
plus S&H
Screen covers for 

12x12x16 cages
16x16x20 cages
20x20x20 cages
20x20x24 cages

These screen covers fit inside our standard screens should
you prefer less ventilation.  The scored circle can be cut out
to accommodate small dome light fixtures.

Please specify cage size when ordering.

$4.00 each
plus S&H
Perch Support These supports accept almost any perch up to 2" inches in diameter and can be used with any existing cage.

Perch not included.

$4.00 pair
plus S&H
Adjustable vent
option for

16x16x20 cages
20x20x20 cages
20x20x24 cages

These vent covers make our standard side venting in our
larger arboreal cages adjustable.  (hardware included)
$10.00 pair 
plus S&H
Coconut hide box These natural coconut hide boxes are great for small snakes
and lizards.  (100 lot pricing available)

Approx. Diameter 5"

$4.00 each
plus S&H


Basic Misting Kit includes:
    3     Misting Nozzles and Adapters
    4     1/4" Barbed "T"
    1     3/4" female hose thread to 1/4" compression adapter
    15   feet 1/4" vinyl tubing
Special  $15.00 +  $4.00 S&H in Cont. USA,  $6.00 S&H to Canada (This is an introductory special price.  Regular price $19.00  S&H)

Misting System Parts:

Misting Nozzles with 1/4" Barbed Adapter 

These nozzles produce an extremely fine mist with a droplet size of 70-110 microns. Nozzle flow rates are available to provide misting without emptying your well. Today's nozzles use as little as .4 gallons of water per hour (0.9 GPH at 100 PSI) Additionally, plastic nozzles have superior resistance to wear and clogging than their stainless steel or brass counterparts. 
$4.50 each + S&H

3/4" Hose Thread Swivel x 1/4" Compression Adaptor
For use with 1/4" (.160"-.197" I.D.) tube only. Connects 1/4" tubing to faucet or other 3/4" male hose thread. Includes filter washer. $2.25 each + S&H

1/4" Double Barbed Tee
For use with 1/4" (.160"-.197" I.D.) tube only. Creates a 1/4" branch from a 1/4" tube, or two 1/4" branches from a 1/2" hose. Exclusive double barb design allows water pressures up to 70 PSI. $0.20 each + S&H

1/4" vinyl tubing 
(.160"-.197" I.D.) $0.20 / foot + S&H
3/4" Preset Hose Pressure Regulator 3/4" hose thread inlet x 3/4" hose thread outlet. $5.50 each + S&H

3/8" Hose Barb x 3/4" Male Hose Thread
Used  to connect pump up garden sprayer misting kit. $2.00 each + S&H